David Ronnefalk reports on Silver State

by Lorenz Schmid

HB Racing's David Ronnefalk has attended the Silver State held at the RC Tracks Las Vegas, a place that reminds us of good memories! Here is the report from David:

"Finished off the weekend with two 3rd places in the buggy classes and a 6th in Truck!

Nice to be on the podium of course but I wanted more. Speed was there in E-buggy just cased the triple after the straight once which put me down a few positions but worked my way up to take 3rd on the last lap.

In buggy I had an unfortunate coming together with Maifield after a few corners, no ones fault really but of course I got the worst out of it and fell down towards the back of the pack.. Worked my way up again but leaders were gone by then so I was sitting there in 4th for a long time. When Dakotah broke I got promoted into 3rd place. Speed was there for an even better finish but incredible how I always get the worst in starts... Very disappointed right now. But I will come back!

The NeoRace is coming soon! Now time to have a nice dinner last night here in Vegas. Maybe even a late celebration for my Worlds win as I'm "finally" 21 haha"

Photo courtesy neobuggy.net

David Ronnefalk wins at Grass Roots Rd1

by Lorenz Schmid

Last weekend took place the first round of the Grass Roots series at Dialed In Raceway in Victorville, California. In Expert Nitro Buggy, David Ronnefalk took the overall TQ and also the win in front of Joseph Quagraine in second and HB's Tyler Brown in third.

"Got the win yesterday night in the first round of the Grass Roots series! My car was working amazing all day long yesterday. Rehab in Blue compound were money out there in the 20min main." - David Ronnefalk

French 1/8th E-buggy nationals championship Rd1 report

by Lorenz Schmid

Race report by Thomas Musso:

The opening round of the French 1/8th E-buggy nationals was held at the indoor facility in Reims this past weekend. HB Racing's Thomas Musso would come out successful after the A-main from Xray's Jean-Pierrick Sartel in second and TLR's Jerome Sartel in third.

In qualifying, After 4 rounds of qualifying i take the TQ, after win 2 rounds and one second place, overall TQ in front of Vincent Meertens and Jean-Pierrick Sartel. It was a hard day because the moisture changed and the Clay compound was not the right compound for the 2 last qualifying, I changed clay compound for Super Soft and after the package was just amazing and easy for take the TQ.

Sunday it's final day, A1 was just horrible because the moisture changed again and all drivers sarted in Dirt compound for the first main but clay maybe was better, A2 track change again, the temperature up and Super Soft becomes again the perfect compound for the end of the 3 last final I won easily A2 A3 A4 for overall win !! Just behind me in second place Jean Pierrick Sartel and third Jerome Sartel. Also good job for Celian Rousset for the first A-main with his new HB E817 Orion powered.

Car, engine, Tyres were just amazing during this race I am very happy with the material and the setup which I managed to improve during the weekend. Thanks to all my sponsors for their help and support.

HB Racing Black Jack 1/8th buggy tyre

by Lorenz Schmid

The HB Racing Black Jack tyre fits standard 1/8 buggy wheels, with medium tread blocks and an asymmetrical tread design to fine tune traction to track conditions. Mount the tyre with the ribbed side facing inboard of the car for more bite; mount the ribbed side facing outboard for less edginess. The Black Jack tyres work well on dry, low-traction, and loose tracks. Sold as an individual tyre with no inner foam.

  • 204152 1:8 Buggy Black Jack Pink compound tyre (1pc)
  • 204153 1:8 Buggy Black Jack Red compound tyre (1pc)
  • 204154 1:8 Buggy Black Jack White compound tyre (1pc)

HB Tyre Compounds:

  • Pink: Extra-soft
  • Red: Soft
  • White: Medium


by Lorenz Schmid

HB Racing is very proud to announce the latest addition to the world-wide distribution network. We are very happy to welcome ABSIMA from Germany in the HB Racing family! The company around Jürgen Laux will take care of Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. With the long friendship which unites ABSIMA boss Jürgen Laux and HB Racing owner Philippe Neidhart for more than 20 years we are glad to start a close collaboration on a new level. HB Racing is sure that ABSIMA is the right partner to strengthen the product supply and brand image of the World Championship winning racing cars in the mentioned area.

Dealers are welcome to contact ABSIMA directly for further information at www.absima.com.


by Lorenz Schmid

HB Racing is proud to announce our newest Team Driver, 2010 IFMAR 1/8 Nitro Buggy World Champion Cody King. Cody brings his vast racing experience to the team, and he'll be attending races around the world cam- paigning his HB Racing cars. Cody explains:

"It's exciting to join the HB Racing team, and be reunited with Philippe Neidhart, Adrien Bertin, and David Ronnefalk. Clearly the platform has potential after winning 3 of the last 5 Worlds, including the last 2 in a row. The Team Orion engines have only improved over the last few years, and I won the Pattya Worlds with Team Orion power. It feels like a fresh start with a great team, and I'm looking forward to 2017 and beyond."

Welcome to the team Cody, we wish you great success in 2017 and beyond.

Southern Indoor Championship report

by Lorenz Schmid

The Southern Indoor Championship was held at the R.H. Kirkpatrick Agricultural Arena in Autaugaville, AL. here is the race report from Eddy Cordoba:

"The 2017 Southern Indoor Championship was definitely an event that will be remembered. The track offered great elevation changes, fast flow, a smooth and challenging surface, major air time, and a gate start! The race directors also did a phenomenal job of putting on the race after having a power outage during qualifying day.

My dad and I arrived late on Friday to get in a few hours of practice. Right off the bat, my cars were really good and didn't need major changes. On qualifying day, I struggled in quals due to inconsistency and some lap traffic. My cars were handling the track well but I wasn't fully comfortable with the layout. I would end up qualifying 15th in Pro Nitro Truggy and 11th in Pro Nitro Buggy after 3 rounds. Being 15th in Truggy, I lined up 3rd in the 20 minute B-main. I was able to get the holeshot off the start and lead the entire main, which gave me the bump to the A-main. For the 30 minute Truggy A-main, I was able to get a good start and ran pretty consistent in 5th. I was able to get up to 4th near the end and finished there. In Pro Buggy, I was able to get another really good start. I ran mid-pack for the first part of the 30 minute main until I found myself in 5th halfway through. I would battle for 4th with Joe Bornhorst near the end of the main but he was able to pull a gap on me. I would go on to finish 5th in Pro Buggy."

Northwest Model Hobby Expo Race Report

by Lorenz Schmid

Race report by Travis Kendall:

This past weekend was another installment of the Northwest Model Hobby Expo held annually at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington. Prior to last year, this show primarily held host to a number of model boat and plane clubs, drifters, and crawlers as well. A nice slow pace for those who enjoy the detail oriented side of the RC industry. Last year at this show, however, Diehard RC, a group of individuals who sought to fill the void created by our loss of our closest clay indoor track, brought the introduction of speed.

Since the fall of 2015, Diehard RC has been traveling throughout Snohomish County. A previously astroturf, now carpet surface rolled out of a trailer and built and taken down for every scheduled race. Starting last year, Diehard started filling some space inside the Hobby Expo, and we setup for our now annual three day event.

This year's race was formatted like most three day RC racing events. Practice on Friday, Qualifiers on Saturday, Mains on Sunday. I spent all day on Friday trying things on my HB Racing D413 that I thought could help me find a balance between Speed and Stability. On Carpet, both are important, and the 4wd Buggy class is arguably the most demanding class on artificial surfaces. I found a great setup that day that I felt like was fast enough to win, and so I put my head down and got to work.

Qualifying day was very good. I opened up in Q1 with a rather slow but consistent 21/5:01 which was good enough to put me 2nd overall behind HB's Carson Phipps. It was not the time I had hoped for but I had two more runs to make work of it. Q2 went much better as I as locked in and focused on my driving more than anything and payed less attention to what the car was doing. I threw down a 23/5:13, a completely mistake free run, and set the TQ time for Q2 right in front of Northwest Hobby's own Brad Borneill who has been throwing down on carpet with us all season with his Yokomo YZ-4, and has really forced us to drive beyond our comfort zones. I felt really good to have thrown down what would be the fastest time all day. Q3 went a little less well as I started pushing a little too hard trying to find my limit and I made way too many mistakes to be close to the top. Brad would end up taking TQ in Q3, and since my Q1 time was rather slow, he would beat me in the tie-breaker for the overall TQ, so I would be starting 2nd on the grid for Triple A mains on Sunday. While my Q3 run was frustrating, it showed me where the limit was and how important consistency is as opposed to speed, so I felt very confident heading into Sunday.

There was a sense of relaxation in the air as I arrived at the Expo Sunday morning. I showed up around 7:30, racing wouldn't begin until 9am and I wasn't up until race 12 for A1 of 4wd Buggy, so I took a lot of time going over the D413 that morning. I replaced the castor blocks, assembled new front drivelines and axles, lubricated and installed new bearings, and completely redid my suspension. I felt confident in my ability to push for the win.

A1 would drop and I would get a terrible start as I was accidentally hit off the start which sent me close to the back, so I charged hard to make my way up to the front. I settled up in third where then Diehard's Tyler Wilbur and I would battle it out for the remainder of the race. I made the pass and let it stick and I would finish 2nd in A1 behind Brad Borneill.

A2 would go a little less my way. I got a great start but on the third lap I traction rolled and fell mostly to the back. I made my way up to the front again back up to third and I finished just a few tenths behind Tyler Wilbur. Brad would take A2 and lock up the overall, Wilbur 2nd, me in 3rd.

A3 would put me first on the starting grid since Brad could not run A3 as he had already won A1 and A2. This race would determine what the podium would look like as mathematically it could only be Tyler and I on the podium. This race would determine the final order. I got a clean start and drove solid and consistent, trying to make sure I didn't push too hard and start making mistakes. I could tell Tyler had made his way up to 2nd but I still decided to keep doing what I was doing. Towards the end of the race Tyler had a few rough laps and that would give me a lot of space where I could just cruise to victory. It felt good going a whole main without making a mistake, and as such I would finish 2nd overall for the day with Tyler in 3rd.

It was an awesome weekend and even though we didn't get the job done, I learned a lot. Next stop is Cabin Fever 2017 in Lewiston, Idaho in less than two weeks, so it's time to get the cars ready for dirt!

D413: most notable changes:

- I had previously stiffened my rear shocks up to 50wt TLR in the rear which helped a lot with keeping the rear end calm. Something I noticed though is that the rear was way stiffer than the front with 1000cst oil. Now I don't know what the direct conversion is but I know that 50wt should not equal out to 1000 cst (At least I don't think). When I went to go do my suspension work Sunday morning before mains, I noticed that the ball in the shock rod end would barely move. Turns out the rod end had been too far up on the shaft thus the shaft was forcing the plastic onto the ball and limiting how free the ball moved. I backed it off just enough and what ended up happening in the mains is the rear end was just barely too edgy. So I can either go 60wt and try that or go with more internal limiters. Not entirely sure yet but I plan to try both anyways to see how it works.

- Something that I tried out of curiosity more than anything was putting the "C" spec tower on the rear of the D413. What I found out is that it gave me great stability at high speed, which is what I understand the carbon tower on the 817 series to be doing as well. I had wondered if the same principle applied on high bite as well as high speed so I threw it on and I was amazed at the different it had made. It completely changed the feel of the car which made it comfortable to drive really fast while keeping it stable. I plan on trying the shorter front tower for the D413 and the short towers for the 216 as well. I would be curious to see how those respond.

- This one is going to sound really dumb, but I put new tires on for the first time in a while and it made a huge difference. They were fairly edgy but the speed was there that I had been looking for. The tricky thing about carpet I have learned is that even though tires last a really long time, it's only maybe two/three race days that you can utilize their effectiveness as once they lose their edge then they are pretty much useless.

Tiny's Twisted Nitro Challenge Report

by Lorenz Schmid

Last weekend took place the Tiny's twisted nitro challenge in Kingman, AZ. Here is the race report by Paul Somarriba:

"Morning track temps where below freezing as open practice was underway, Heavy rain throughout the week made for a slightly muddy and soft track once the dirt started to thaw around noon. For the first qualifier i decided to go with super soft AKA i-beams in buggy, I had to much grip resulting in traction rolling alot and couldn't really drive normally. For truggy I stuck with super soft AKA gridiron II and put in a good run finishing 2nd and 1st for the 2nd qualifier no changes were made, for the 2nd buggy qualifier i switched to ultra soft gridiron II and went to a white rear spring, i was putting in a decent run until my receiver pack discharged completely. Once the 30 min Mains came around the temp outside was 37f , Truggy main was up1st, my truck felt planted and very easy to drive the whole main never changing how it felt from start to finish with my base setup. For the buggy main i started at the back of the pack, I cruised for the first lap being careful not to get tangled up or needing to be marshaled with 10 cars on a smaller track. I worked my way up to 3rd by the first pit stop and inherited to lead mid race, my car felt amazing the whole race being very predictable and consistent."

Rosario Giaimo joins HB Racing

by Lorenz Schmid

HB Racing is pleased to announce the signing of italian rising star Rosario Giaimo. Schepis driver will use the R8 1/8 on-road car at major events in Italy including Italian championship.